All You Need to Know About Spa Dent: Procedures and Benefits

All You Need to Know About Spa Dent: Procedures and Benefits
August 1, 2022

A brilliantly white smile symbolizes health, beauty, and vitality. Almost anyone would love to alter their smiles to achieve a picture-perfect smile. If you feel the same, you are not alone. Countless others are looking for ways to add a sparkle to their smiles, and that’s why cosmetic companies are manufacturing all sorts of teeth whitening products.

Since dental technology has evolved so much, there are excellent products in the market that can change your smile, such as spa dent naturals professional home teeth whitening.

Spa dent naturals is a revolutionary tooth whitening treatment designed to simplify delivery, speed up the process, and offer sensitivity-free teeth whitening.

Spa Dent Naturals, In a Nutshell

You must be scratching your head, wondering what Spa Dent is and how it works. It is one of the revolutionary teeth whitening treatments our dentist in Bradford, Ontario, offers. The teeth whitening technology combines xylitol, carbamide peroxide, hydrogen peroxide, and potassium nitrate.

Spa Dent also uses an innovative blue and red LED light that activates the teeth whitening gel and gives you an ultra-white smile.

We have in-office teeth whitening if you wish to get your teeth whitened in a few minutes. However, if you wish to whiten your teeth at home, you can also come to our dental clinic near you, where we offer at-home whitening. Spa Dent is an amazing treatment since the whitening gel is designed for brush-on application.

How Does Spa Dent In-Office Teeth Whitening Work?

The whitening gel’s active whitening ingredients are hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide. These products are light-activated, which explains why we also have blue and red LED lights to activate the whitening agents.

So, after our dentist has applied the whitening gel to your teeth, it is exposed to the blue LED light. The gel absorbs the light energy and photo-chemically excites the peroxide molecules contained in the whitening gel.

As the peroxide is broken down, it releases oxygen and hydroxyl radicals, which enter the enamel and dentin. They will bleach any colored substance on the surface and dentin without altering your teeth’s structure.

We must use the Spa Dent blue LED light since it helps the peroxide penetrate the tooth’s surface. The red LED light is used to stimulate cellular regeneration, which helps heal minor irritations that come with tooth sensitivity.

How Is Teeth Whitening Done?

In-office teeth whitening is the fastest and safest method of teeth whitening. There’s no anesthesia needed since the procedure is not painful. You can actually listen to music or even sleep during the procedure.

So, in-office teeth whitening is carried out as follows:

  • When you sit in our dentist’s chair, our dentist will determine and record the pre-operative shade using the shade guide. Then, take the records by taking photographs
  • The next step will be to polish your teeth with flour-based pumice, and then our dentist will rinse and suction to remove the moisture.
  • Then, our dentist will use cheek retractors to help keep your cheeks and lips away
  • The next step is to dry the teeth and apply a gum barrier to the upper and lower jaw. The barrier is placed along the gum line to protect the gums and isolate the teeth. On certain occasions, our dentist will add some extra insulation using cotton rolls
  • After placing the gum barrier, our dentist will expose the gum barrier to a curing light until the barrier hardens
  • Our dentist will then apply the whitening gel to all your teeth’s surfaces and spread it using a small brush
  • Then, our dentist will use the blue LED light to activate the whitening gel
  • Our dentist will leave the gel on for 20 minutes to optimize the results
  • We could reapply the whitening gel if you and our dentist think that it would be the best way to go
  • After the last application, our dentist will suction and wash the gel off.
  • We take the final photos and record the final shade

The teeth whitening procedure will not take much of your time. A typical session will last about one hour.

What Are the Benefits?

Opting for Spa Dent naturals has several advantages:

Innovative Technology

It’s the first teeth whitening technology incorporating xylitol, carbamide peroxide, and hydrogen peroxide in one gel. It is also kind to the teeth and gums.

Better Results

Spa Dent offers quick and better results since you don’t need multiple visits to attain the desired shade.

Reduced Pain and Tooth Sensitivity

Most patients avoid teeth whitening because they fear pain and tooth sensitivity. This isn’t the case with Spa Dent since it uses red LED light to help heal the gums.

In any case, you can contact us at South Simcoe Dental to book an appointment to learn more about Spa Dent.

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