Having a Dental Emergency? Follow These 5 Tips!

Having a Dental Emergency? Follow These 5 Tips!
June 16, 2019

Everyone at least once in their lives must have experienced a medical emergency. It is a scary situation where everything is in panic mode. This is the time when judgment is clouded and things that one would normally do to fix a problem, are forgotten. Well, same is the case with a dental emergency. The first thing that one should do during a dental emergency is to make sure you don’t panic. Now let’s discuss 5 steps that one should follow if having a dental emergency.

Know the Difference Between an Urgent Emergency and a Non-Urgent One

The first thing one should make sure is that that whether or not one is truly experiencing an emergency. While few things are clearly an emergency, but somethings can clearly wait. There are few things which indicates an emergency like it could be a broken tooth, a broken crown/veneer/filling, severe pain, swelling inside the mouth or the face. It could also be that your entire tooth has come out!

Decide Whom to Call

It is advised to first give a call to your local dentist and explain the dental emergency in detail. Depending how severe the situation is, you would be given appointment for the next business day. In case for an urgent emergency, you will be called immediately to the emergency room.

Save the Damaged Tooth

In case someone accidently breaks the tooth, one should immediately keep the tooth in a bowl of clean water or milk and rush to the emergency room as soon as possible. The water or milk will keep the tooth viable for longer and increases the chances of putting it back in the socket.

Deal with Any Swelling

One should keep the swelling to be at its minimum by using an ice pack. Place the ice pack on the cheeks or any kind of frozen bag will also do.

Use Hydrogen Peroxide

It is advisable to use a solution of hydrogen peroxide with water and swish it in the mouth to get relief from the irritation. This also helps in reducing the risk of bacteria. However, one should not swallow the mixture.