How Dental Veneers Can Improve Your Smile

How Dental Veneers Can Improve Your Smile
August 2, 2021

Smile imperfections can affect your self-confidence and esteem. Sometimes, you may feel embarrassed to hold a conversation with strangers or colleagues. Also, you might miss out on career opportunities in television, marketing, and modeling. If you are in sales, a beautiful smile increases the chances of sealing a deal with your client.

To improvce your smile, you can visit a dentist near you and explain your aesthetic concerns. After listening to your aesthetic goals and examining your teeth, your dentist in Bradford will recommend treatments depending on your condition.

One of the smile enhancement procedures is tooth veneers.

What Are Dental Veneers?

A tooth veneer is a wafer-thin porcelain sheet that coves the front part of your tooth, improving your smile. During the dental veneer procedure, your dentist will shed some tooth parts to provide space for the porcelain sheet.

Alternatively, your dentist can recommend composite-resin veneers or Lumineers during the consultation.

After the consultation, the dentist will prepare your tooth depending on the type of veneer you are getting. As you wait for your veneers to be generated from a dental lab, your dentist can offer temporary tooth veneer.

During the second dental visit, your dentist will remove the temporary veneer and replace it with a permanent one. Next, the dental veneer will be cemented in place and adjusted as required.

How Porcelain Veneers can Improve Your Smile

Veneers can improve your smile and oral functionalities. When you seek dental veneers near you for smile enhancement, the dentist may recommend them for the following reasons.

1. Close Tooth Gaps and Hidden Smile Imperfections

Gaps on your teeth might cause low self-confidence. Sometimes people can withhold a smile if they have gapped teeth. However, you don’t have to suffer the agony of such smile imperfections anymore.

Dental veneers can enhance the size of your teeth. Therefore, if you have gaps between your teeth due to narrow teeth, your dentist can recommend tooth veneers to enhance size. By covering the gaps in front of your teeth, you can improve the smile and feel more comfortable talking to people.

2. Whiten and Brighten Your Smile

White teeth are beautiful and are a bonus that makes people attracted to you. However, tooth discoloration and staining rob you of an opportunity to smile without feeling uncomfortable.

To enhance the color of your teeth, your dentist may recommend teeth whitening. For severely stained teeth, teeth whitening might not be enough to improve your smile. Therefore, your dentist will offer tooth veneers to cover the stains.

During the dental veneer placement procedure, your dentist can use a cementing material that matches the color of your natural teeth.

3. Straighten Your Teeth

Apart from orthodontics, you can get dental veneers to correct misalignment and crookedness on your teeth. Therefore, you can consider visiting a dentist for consultation if you have misaligned teeth.

Your dentist will examine your teeth and evaluate the possibility of getting dental veneers instead of orthodontic treatments. If you have mild crookedness, the dentist can recommend tooth veneers. Dental veneers will enhance the shape of your teeth and make them look straighter, improving your smile.

However, veneers may not be suitable for moderate or severe crookedness, which requires orthodontics.

4. Cover Chips and Cracks on Your Teeth

Chips and cracks on your teeth increase the risk of developing infections in your teeth. Apart from chewing difficulties and the risk of complications, chips, and cracks on your teeth affect your smile.

With dental veneers, your dentist can cover the cracks and chips, improving the shape of your teeth.

5. Eliminate a Gummy Smile

If you have short teeth, your smile can appear gummy. Fortunately, you can increase the length of your teeth, especially the front ones using dental veneers.

Dental Veneers near You

If you are looking for dental veneers in Bradford, visit us at South Simcoe Dental Care for smile enhancements. We also have other cosmetic dentistry procedures such as tooth bonding, dental bridges, crowns, dental implants, scaling, and root planing. As we are family dentistry, we can also extend our services to you and your family. We also accept various insurances. Call our offices to book an appointment.