Is Spa-Dent suitable for people with sensitive gums?

Is Spa-Dent suitable for people with sensitive gums?
July 1, 2023

Are you skeptical of teeth whitening procedures because of your gum sensitivity? At South Simcoe Dental Care, we will safely and swiftly brighten your smile using the latest dental whitening technology that is natural and will not irritate your teeth or gums. A beautiful smile wins the heart of many and will make you feel confident and add that charm to your personality. After all, not all of us have a perfect white smile, and various dental habits and aging play a role in staining and dulling our teeth. Spa-Dent is a 100% guaranteed and sensitivity-free whitening program that will give you that camera-worthy smile you have dreamed of.

What is Spa-Dent

This is a tooth-whitening procedure that brightens your teeth in fifteen minutes. The treatment is effective, safe, and pain-free. It will make your teeth two or eight times brighter within minutes and stimulate cellular regeneration to heal minor mouth irritations and minimize sensitivity. If you want quality teeth whitening options, visit our dentist in Bradford, Ontario.

How Does it Work

Spa-Dent treatment procedure includes using the latest state-of-the-art technology, which involves a red and blue LED light. The blue lights activate the whitening gel to whiten the teeth for long-lasting results. At the same time, the red light regenerates cells and soothes gum irritation. Additionally, there will be a display countdown on the light that will show how much time you’ve got for the procedure to be complete. For best results, you must visit the dentist for at least two to four sessions. Once the desired result is achieved, you can regularly visit your dentist for touchups.

Post- Treatment

After your procedure, avoid eating for at least the first 30 minutes. Also, don’t take highly pigmented drinks and food substances such as berries, wine, or ketchup for at least 24 hours. For best results, return for touchup sessions after every six months a year with your dentist. How long you will receive the treatments will also be determined by how often you will be drinking or eating staining food substances.

Ensure you regularly brush and floss your teeth at least two times a day. Your dentist may also recommend certain products that will make your teeth brighter than before.

Advantages of Spa-Dent Teeth Whitening

  • It is a family-friendly treatment since anyone in the family can get the treatment, and it’s affordable.
  • Spa-Dent can be used by those who are into healthy lifestyles and likes to keep off chemicals. This whitening solution is made with naturally formulated ingredients that don’t cause damage or harm.
  • Though spa-Dent is a cosmetic dental treatment, unlike other whitening options, it doesn’t cause sensitivity. In addition, it’s considered the perfect whitening treatment for patients with teeth sensitivity since it’s a PH-neutral solution. Spa-Dent treatment has no silica but contains xylitol which helps neutralize harmful bacteria.
  • The treatment procedure can be done within a short time compared to at-home and in-office whitening treatments.
  • Another advantage of Spa-Dent treatment is that it removes stains and restores the natural whiteness of your teeth. It can also be used to whiten crowns and veneers.

Why it is Important to Whiten Your Teeth

Here is why you should have a Spa-Dent teeth whitening procedure near you.


People with stained or dull teeth have low self-esteem, affecting their confidence. To regain confidence and courage, one must have their stained teeth cleaned and whitened. Spa-Dent near you is a great option for boosting self-esteem and confidence.

Enhance your Appearance

While you may have the healthiest and most straight teeth, your teeth aren’t immune to damage from the foods and drinks we take daily. Foods, tea, coffee, and carbonated beverages stain our teeth over time. After a Spa-Dent treatment, you will instantly notice the difference in your teeth without editing your photos.

Reduces Wrinkles

Are you self-conscious about your wrinkles? Then tooth whitening may be a great choice for you. This is because people will be more likely to focus on your smile instead of the wrinkles. A beautiful smile can draw attention away from acne scars, wrinkles, and frown lines.


Spa-Dent whitening procedure isn’t costly. Its cost is estimated to be comparable to pharmacy whitening options.

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