Dental Sealants in Bradford, ON

Dental Sealants

Everyone can use some help in keeping their teeth in great health—kids especially. Dental sealants are an effective way to do just that. Dental sealants coat the chewing surface of kids’ teeth with a resin or plastic material that’s then hardened. Sealant prevents moisture and bacteria from getting to the enamel tooth surface, keeping plaque from forming. With plaque no longer able to coat the teeth, cavities can be a thing of the past, with dental sealants from South Simcoe Dental Care in Bradford.

Dental sealants really shine when it comes to protecting the molars and pre-molars. The chewing surfaces of our teeth have lots of fissures (grooves) that become infected with bacteria. These bacteria excrete acids that damage enamel. After the dental sealant is painted onto and into these grooves, bacteria-filled plaque simply can’t get a foothold onto enamel. That’s a big benefit for children, as it takes some skill and patience to clean out the molars and pre-molars.

School-aged kids are candidates for dental sealants, but baby teeth can also benefit from being sealed.

How are sealants applied at South Simcoe Dental Care in Bradford?

Application is easy and requires the following steps:

  • The teeth are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.
  • Your dentist will apply a mild etching solution to the teeth to be sealed. The etching solution will help the sealant sink into the tooth surface.
  • The teeth are cleaned and dried again.
  • The sealant, in its liquid form, is applied to the chewing surfaces of the molars, premolars, and other teeth as specified.
  • The sealant requires a special light to be shined on it. Due to a chemical reaction that takes place in the sealant when exposed to the light, the sealant toughens into a hard, durable barrier. The sealant process is painless.

Sealants are durable and have a lifespan of up to 10 years. At each future visit, your dentist at South Simcoe Dental Care in Bradford will check on your sealants to make sure they are holding up. It’s important to avoid chewing on your nails, ice, or any other hard substances, including hard candy. Chewing on hard foods, ice or other items will cause the sealants to wear out too fast.

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