The Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

The Benefits of Sedation Dentistry
November 5, 2019

Sedation dentistry refers to the use of medication to assist patients relax during oral treatment procedures. It is also referred to as sleep dentistry, although patients are always awake, with the exception of those under general anesthesia. The other levels of sedation range from minimal to moderate and deep sedation. There are several reasons why a dentist may decide to put you under sedation. They include:

  • Having phobia for dental procedures
  • History of a traumatic dental experience
  • Patients that are physically and/or mentally compromised
  • Having a particularly small mouth that sores easily during dental procedures
  • For patients with general anxiety disorder
  • Having a resistance to local anesthetic
  • Having very sensitive oral nerves
  • For long, invasive and difficult procedures.

Patients with any of the above issues can talk t their dentist about having sedation dentistry. It will help them get through several types of dental procedures that include tooth extractions, root canals, dental implants and others. It is rare to have sedation administered for routine procedures like dental cleaning and x-rays. However, in severe cases of anxiety sedation may be needed for the routine procedures.

Types of Sedation Dentistry

Keep in mind that regardless of the type of sedation used, you may still require a local anesthetic to numb the area that the doctor will be working on.

Oral sedatives

They are usually in the form of pills and are usually given to patients who show little anxiety. They are administered up to two hours before a procedure. sedatives are supposed to make you feel extremely relaxed. Once the medication begins to take effect you feel drowsy but will still be awake.

Inhaled minimal sedation (Nitrous oxide)

This makes patients feel all tingly and also provides a general sense of well-being. A dentist will make you inhale the nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas before the procedure, during and right after. It is administered repetitively because it tends to wear off fast. It is therefore only used in simple and quick procedures but the advantage is that you can drive yourself home after treatment.

Intravenous moderate sedation

For this sedation your dentist will have to make preparations in advance. A drug is given through your veins so that it begins effect instantly. The level of sedation may continually be adjusted depending on the procedure being performed. You do not fully lose consciousness with IV moderate sedation.

General anesthesia

This puts you into a deep sleep, where you can only awaken after the effects of the anesthesia wear off or are reversed with some medication. You will have no memory of whatever was being done.

The Benefits

Our family dentistry clinic recommends sedation because of the various benefits it offers patients. Such as:

Easing the treatment procedure

Situations like having gag reflex or overly sensitive nerves can make treatment procedures difficult, long and even risky. However, while under sedation, a patient is able to relax while the treatment is ongoing. This makes thing smooth for both the patient and dentist and enhances the effectiveness of the procedure being done.

It minimizes pain and discomfort

Some dental procedures can be quite painful and uncomfortable too. With the use of sedation, a dentist is able to put a patient at ease and allow them get the needed treatment. The patient is comfortable all through the procedure.

Allows for fewer dental appointments

Since sedation helps keep you calm, a lot can be done in a single treatment, thus the need for fewer dental visits. Whether you are having a cavity filled, dental bridges, fixing a chipped or undergoing cosmetic procedures, there is a lot a dentist can achieve while you are relaxed.

Allows patients get the much-needed treatment

The fear and anxiety that is associated with a visit to the dentist makes some people fail to seek required attention. But with sedation dentistry, patients no longer have to put off visiting the dentist. The experienced is improved in the sense that it is made comfortable and painless for different kinds of procedures.

If you still have any lingering questions of sedation dentistry, our family dentistry clinic will be happy to answer your questions. Simply book an appointment and our experienced dentist will attend to you.